Saturday, January 2, 2010

Typical January Canton First Monday

Friday January 1, 2010
Happy New Year everyone! We were debating how is this new year going to be referred to. Some are saying Two Thousand and Ten while others are saying Twenty Ten. Twenty Ten being the shorter won our poll here. Now this should also tell you something about our weekend. When you can set around in your booths and think up topics like this things must be pretty slow. And slow they were. I bet you could count the number of people that actually stop by your booth to see what you were peddling on your fingers and toes.

The weatherman corporated and provided a sunny day that started out cold but gradually warmed up into the low 50’s. Surely these people weren’t home watching the Mud Bowl between Penn State and LSU or the Rout Bowl between Florida and Cincinnati.
image We were so glad to see Bobby Bowden, coach of Florida State University, go out as a winner. He is one class act. Bowden finished with a 389-129-4 record, and most importantly to him, a 33rd consecutive winning season. Toward the end of the game when the camera scanned the stands you could hardly see a dry eye and I must have had something in my eyes as they started tearing for some unknown reason too.

The Amish family with the wonderful fried pies were back this month. Yes, I had my share of those apricot pies. Had to buy some to take back to base and for Sandy’s brother James.

Saturday January 2, 2010image
Our low last night was 27F. The Blue Moon was just outstanding even though it wasn’t quite full it still lit up the dark skies. The sun was out and we warmed to 53F. The crowd was much better than any day so far this weekend. Wasn’t much of a buying crowd but we at least squeezed out our expenses which is usually all you expect during the winter months.

I’ve just witness probably the most boring bowl game so far. That being the Cotton Bowl it seemed neither team wanted or could score. How many opportunities does a team need on the one yard line to score? Finally thanks to some OSU miscues Ole Miss stepped up to the plate and scored twice in the closing minutes and pulled out a  21-7 win. It was good to hear Pat Summerall’s voice calling the play by play again.  Watching the Cotton Bowl from the Cowboy Stadium in Arlington didn’t seem the same. I much prefer the old outdoor Cotton Bowl stadium played in Dallas.


We took time out from football this evening and watched the classical “Old Yeller” movie for the umpteenth time. The story is so sentimental as well as a good message about responsibility’s and manhood.  Hollywood no longer make these kind of family oriented movies. Today they have to have killing, drugs or sex for their movies.
I don’t remember the last time Sandy and I went to see a movie. Outside of Lonesome Dove, Open Range, Crossfire Trail and Monte Walsh etc they just don't make good westerns anymore either.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. That movie made me cry when I was a little boy and for that reason I will not watch it again. Don't forget "Open Range" another classic.