Saturday, January 9, 2010

Man It’s Cold Here… I Believe That’s What Joe Said!

This mornings low was 14F. I don’t recall that I have ever in my life time experienced weather this cold. Fortunately, we don’t have the ice and snow that’images in many parts of the country.
   Even when I was stationed in South Korea I don’t recall those winter days being this cold. We were deployed in the Cheorwon Valley and because of the rice farming could only do war games in the winter months. As it didn’t matter if our tanks and armor personal carriers tore up some of the rice paddies. I am sure our government paid the farmers and probably paid to put the fields back like they were after we completed our maneuvers. I recall being cold but how cold I don’t remember. I use to drink coffee (if you can call Army field coffee….coffee) back then to help warm the body. Before one could drink a cup it would become cold and would have to be tossed out. Also those coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup…. Yuk! I guess that experience is why I no longer drink coffee.

Right now I’m going through withdrawals (lack of football games) I guess but thanks to the Wild Card NFL playoffs this weekend we will be able to satisfy that craving. Then after the Wild Card games come Divisional and then the 44th Super Bowl. Then NASCAR returns so it looks like we will survive the crisis.

Dallas Cowboy Star


    Cowboys 34      Eagles 14 

All I can say is finally after thirteen years the Cowboys win a postseason game! Yep, the Cowboys have won a playoff game.  They will face the Minnesota Vikings next weekend and we will have a split MtnAire Travlers household…. Sandy pulling for Brett Favre's Vikings and me the Cowboys.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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