Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tornado Ally

Our day for the most part was overcast, damp and little windy. The air itself felt heavy and gave you that weird feeling of their is a storm in the making. And stormy did it get! We had three systems come through the area and were under tornado watches and then warnings. A tornado was cited about four miles southwest of us that touched down and did a lot of tree damage. As far as we know all we got tonight was severe thunderstorms with a lot of lighting and thunder. At times we could hear pea size hail hitting the roof but nothing that did any damage. For the first time in the ten years we’ve been in this area we actually left the motor home and went to Sandy’s brothers’ home next door  to await the passing of the three systems. We made a call to our friend Joe aka “Speedy” as we had heard  Canton got hit pretty hard by a tornado earlier this evening. Sure enough they did get hit it took off some roofs, shut down I-20 briefly and knocked over one eighteen wheeler. Joe said they did not get the wind but did get the hail that took out his two vents, You can see photos and learn more about their adventure by going to his above blog spot. Everything has moved northeast now so we dodged the bullet again. We had 22 sever weather warnings from our weather channel out of Tyler. I believe over all they had seven tornado warnings in this general area.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Glad to hear you were not hit hard by that tornado. that's a little too close for comfort!

  2. We left our motorhome once to seek sturdier shelter during a tornado warning. We were on the campus at Mississippi State University for a football weekend. We took shelter in the coffee shop in the cafeteria building. Ironically, later that same day, the cafeteria was damaged by a tornado. Phillis (msucheermom)

  3. One more reason you should be down here in the Valley with us.

    Glad you guys are safe.