Thursday, January 21, 2010

What A Difference Twelve Hours Can Make

What a difference twelve hours can make…. from heavy rain, lighting and thunder, tornado warnings' and hail last night to just a gorgeous day. This morning there was not a cloud in the sky, the air was crisp and clean smelling. The rain last night made everything appear to look new. The sky was just a rich blue and with a crisp wind out of the north. The air filled your lungs making you fill refreshed. It was one of those days you just wanted to be outside taking it all in. And that was just about what we did today.

We did have to make that trip into Longview for the supplies for Sandy’s mom and us. Tomorrow we leave for Canton First Monday. Our friends across the way from us were going to Canton today to pick up a kitchen island they had custom made. They advised upon there arrival you could defiantly see evidence of the tornado that hit there yesterday evening. The Chevron station on the corner of I-20 and Hwy 19 took the biggest hit. There was damage also at the McDonalds across the street and there were electrical pole lines down. They said the grounds faired well and we had electricity at the Pavilions. We did not have water as it seems the extreme cold we had week before last took out some of the above ground faucets. So, we will fill our fresh water tank before leaving. We also will drop by the local propane dealer in Dangerfield and top off our propane tank. our weather next week is suppose to be milder than the January Canton. We are expecting rain however for Thursday and Friday next week. Yuk!

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. We went through there yesterday and it was a mess. Why is it that Canton gets all the storms. Hope you don't have any while you are there. Sherri and I might drop by to see ya...maybe we can have lunch or dinner?