Wednesday, March 10, 2010


image Yes, that was the sound we heard this evening when a severe thunderstorm passed through with hail some about the size of a golf ball. In fact within about a one hour period we received twenty one of these MORRIS SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING alerts.
Our roof is fiberglass and I’m sure that amplified the sound of the hail hitting the roof. But, let me tell you this is probably the largest hail we’ve experienced since being in this area.hail 31010 006  Sandy’s brother David called and asked what should we do? Naturally there is nothing one can do with the RV when one of these roll through. I first thought about spread eagling myself over the roof but I knew that wasn’t going to work… he he. We don’t know how much damage our roof and sides of the motorhome suffered but will check it out in the morning.
This was the back yard during the hail stormhail 31010 003

image The storm passed through as quick as it came.This was our sunset this evening. Our weather radio is still going off as I write this entry and its for those counties Northeast of us and into the neighboring state of  Louisiana. It’s been reported on the Weather Channel that Texarkana had baseball size hail from this same storm system. We are truly blessed.

We had a scare this afternoon when Sandy received a call from her mothers Senior Citizens housing manager advising they had called EMS to her mothers unit. Seems at the time someone said her blood sugar measured over 600 which was not correct at all. It actually was 307 which is high but not 600. The EMS didn’t know where the 600 figure came from. They were satisfied that she was not in immediate danger and they left. We will be working  on her Mom’s sugar level.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. That storm built up just west of us here in Austin. As it moved North and East it blew and dropped some hail. The hail was about the size of pencil erasers. It looks like they grew some by the time they got into your area.

    Hope you didn't have any damage.

  2. You know last month we had to replace the vents on our roof. I hope everything is OK...Please let us know.