Friday, March 12, 2010

March Winds

image Those winds that blew Al with the Bayfield Bunch to Yuma have finally arrived in Northeast Texas. Our constant winds have been 15-20 miles per hour with gusts up to 30-35 mph making it very uncomfortable outside. We were very blessed as we had very little damage from the hail storm we had the other evening. I found maybe two or three small dents in the roof that could have been from the hail but no way of really knowing. My BIL David did suffer several dings on the roof and hood of his Dodge truck. We were talking to several old timers at Arnold’s yesterday morning and they said several areas in Lone Star where hit with much larger hail stones.

image Yesterday I helped (more of an observer) BIL James remove a huge oak tree stump since it was close to one of his driveway entrances. You would not believe the size of the root system. I bet it was at least six-eight foot in diameter and they dug around it with his back hole and tractor. They then hook a chain around the base of the trunk and attached it to his tractor while on the opposite side lifted the trunk with the shovel of the back hole. After several tugging and lifting the trunk came out of the ground. I would have had pictures but the battery in my camera died. 
I asked James if he would burn the huge trunk like the other wood and he said….. “no I am going to dig the hole deeper and bury the trunk upside down in the same hole we pulled it out of.” Here is the end results.

Now he will be able to use the circular driveway into and out of his property. Each day brings him a little closer of getting the property cleared where someday soon he will start on his home.

We made our weekly journey into Longview this morning to get groceries and pick up meds for Sandy’s mom. Her blood sugar has improved and we will watch what she eats a little closer. While in Longview, I received a call from my sister advising my mom had fallen going to bed last night and the policy of the assisted living place was to take her to ER for a check up. We got good news back this evening and she was back in her room at Rosemont. She has bruising and about a 4 centimeter cut on her left arm but no broken bones. We are sooo blessed.

Ever seen a common house cat attack a deer? 

The story behind this is a cat in Harrisburg has a special friend that visits every day.   The deer visits the cat  every morning!  (click on pictures to enlarge)

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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