Monday, March 1, 2010

Closing Out March Canton

HockeyMVP_EN-US1606190931 First I would like to congratulate all my Canadian blogger friends on their hockey team taking the gold Sunday. Wow! what a game. I am not normally a hockey fan but this game certainly kept me on the edge of my chair. The game kept you in suspense until that final shot by Crosby. Also watched the closing ceremony and that wasn’t bad either.

Saturday’s Canton turned out to be a gorgeous day. Temperatures hanging around 56F without a cloud anywhere. You could tell from the size of the crowd that people where out enjoying the weather and our day in sales turned out alright. Sunday was another pretty day but the crowd was the usual tire kicking crowd. All they came to do is eat at the fast food booths and wander the aisles. They all appeared to have blinders on. Then that evening the weather turned to cold and rain. In fact it has rained all night and all day today. The Farmers Almanac got it pretty right since it predicted a much cooler and wetter winter for this year.

Because of the rain today we were later than usual returning to base in Lone Star.We noticed fuel prices are creeping back up again with diesel somewhere between $2.73 to $2.84 a gallon. We filled up in Winnoa TX for $ 2.73 a gallon. We also topped off our propane for $2.63 a gallon.

I have several doctor appointments this week one being my Sleep Apnea Screening. I will spend the night and I’m not to fond of the idea of being observed by a person/camera. Also I normally don’t wear PJs but for this I am required to wear them.

BIL James just called and wants us to join him at guess where…. yes at Arnold’s for breakfast in the morning. He wants to bring us up to   date on the highway mowing job that will crank up in April.

!cid_6_3303837648@web36908_mail_mud_yahooUntil next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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