Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Like Old Family Week

image Yesterday we were up early had breakfast at Arnold’s and drove to Longview for supplies. On our way in we stopped on the side ramp of the Lake O’ The Pines bridge and observed these Coots feeding. There were probably close to a hundred of these just swimming around in a large flock. Click here to learn more about these unusual  water birds.Common_Coot

Our morning started off with a cloud overcast and it wasn’t long before the winds picked up and the skies opened up. It rained all afternoon and into the night. This was from the same system that rolled into California several days ago and the system that gave the desert of Arizona mentioned in Elli’s blog yesterday a cleansing. We really didn’t need that much cleansing here as we’ve had so much rain this winter.
In Longview we checked with Sandy’s sister Pam and the Goldwing motorcycle I mentioned yesterday is now officially Mike’s. I’m sure it won’t be long before they plan a touring outing with his brother's and their wife's. About a year ago they all went to Northern Arkansas for a three day touring trip. Oh……to be young again…… sigh!

image Sandy’s younger brother David is due to have rotor cup surgery on his right shoulder later this month.Since he will be down for about three months and have his therapy close by he moved his Discovery over yesterday from Texarkana, TX. They are parked on the west side of us so its been like old family week around here. David also owns a fishing boat and just maybe there might be some fishing done between now and the time of his surgery.

This afternoon the cloud cover gave away to beautiful clear blue skies with lots a sun. We need this to help dry out all the rain we’ve had these past few days. However, they say we will have another system blow in from the West tomorrow. This has some possibilities of severe weather in it. It’s getting close to that time where I need to apply the Klasse wax treatment to the motorhome. I need to wash it first and then if the weather holds up start the two part application. This is like waxing it twice but the end results is well worth it.

I am really proud of the way Sandy has decorated the inside of the motorhome. She has really made the place take on that warm country look. Believe it or not with the exception of the steering wheel table, we travel down the road with all this stuff out. Thanks to command strips, scoot pads, tacky stuff and the Spartan Air Ride Chassis. I should also add Sandy is the primary driver. Here are just some of her warm touches.

Little Red Lamp and Basket with Hand Lotion and Soap (Kitchen Counter)
image Little Lamp with Raggedy Ann  and Pen Tin Can Holder and Jade Plant
Recipe Box with Precious Moments Figurines (Dry Bar)
Precious Moments Duck Girl

Steering Wheel Lamp Table ( The photo is her and brother James when they were kids)
Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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