Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Trip Into Longview

image Tuesday, we were up about 6am and headed out to Longview about 6:45am. The sun was just barley coming up as we traveled east on I-20 which is also known as the Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway. Sandy nor I knew this until we saw for the first time a sign posted just out of Canton. 
We stopped in Kilgore at a Whataburger right off I-20 for breakfast and their inside decor theme was Elvis Presley and that music era. Not all franchises have a theme for their decorations so I guess it depends on the person who opens the franchise. We have been in several that have NASCAR, one that has NFL Dallas Cowboys and one with sports cars and old motorcycles as themes.

We arrived at the VA Clinic about 9:30am thirty minutes prior to my first appointment with the nutritionist and afterwards I saw my VA doctor. We were in and out by 11:30am. Being close to lunch time we headed to a Juices hamburger restreaunt before heading back to the motorhome in Canton. We had intended to go to Tyler but Sandy had a flare up with her gallbladder which nipped that idea in the bud. Joe, the Mexican food restraunt that serves the good cheese enchiladas is not El Tore's as previously reported its Gilberts El Charro. Sorry about that .

Today we finished setting up our booth and our RVing crowd has started arriving as early as Monday. It looks like all the RV spots may be taken. There are sill some spots at the creek side and over at the circle. Woody who owns a 42ft Holiday Rambler Imperial and is a vendor here came over and asked if I knew of any RV Service Repairmen that made calls to the grounds. It seems his Dometic refrigerator has quit working. We gave him several numbers and one did come out and found that it had burned up. It seems the issue that Dometic issued a national recall on had not been addressed. Woody called his dealer and asked why didn't he get the recall letter and they didn't have an answer for him. Hope he gets a new one without cost. Fortunately it didn’t catch his motorhome on fire.

Sandy’s gallbladder flare up is a lot better but she is having to watch what she eats and drinks for a while. One of our neighbors from the Lufkin area just arrived and we helped her unload her trailer and setup her booth.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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