Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old Man Winter Still Has A Strangle Hold

old-man-winter Winter is having a difficult time of letting go. Boy, did we have a system roll through here last night. Lighting, thunder, wind and heavy rain for the most part of the night was his game. Today the wind is out of the west 20-25 mph with gust 30-35 mph. Our low tonight is suppose to be 38F. Sure glad we washed the motorhome yesterday (thanks Sandy for your help). I had left my stool on the roof as I wanted to get back up there today to 303 the vents, satellite dome and AC shrouds. With the weather like it was I only went up to retrieve the stool. The rest will have to wait tell it gets a little warmer. We are making preparations for our move to Canton tomorrow. After First Monday, we are thinking we might travel to Camping World Ft. Worth TX to have them service the new refrigerator we purchased from them  last year about this tine. The three year warranty calls for this service in order for it to remain in  effect.

On Monday Sandy’s sister Pam and her husband dropped by on there way back home and visited a while. They had been in Atlanta TX visiting Mike’s mom in the nursing home there. We had lunch at the Wildflower in Hugh Springs with BIL James. Afterwards we moved some more branches and tree limbs to the burn pit.

Tuesday we went into Longview as I had an appointment with VA to have my monthly PT/INR level checked and afterwards we ventured over to Wally World for supplies. Picked up med at Walgreens for her mom.

Wednesday was just a beautiful spring day. Like I mentioned earlier a day for washing the motorhome. Sandy washed and I dried. It took us a little longer as we also 303 the tires and I waxed on the aluminum wheels. Will wrap this project up after we get to Canton.

This pretty well brings us up to date on our week so far. Really been exciting hasn’t it.

Our sunset yesterday evening.003





Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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