Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Great News!!!

2215 3rd ST Galena Park TX  We finally closed on the sell of Mom’s house. I can’t believe it but its been just about one year from this month we placed it on the market. I can not tell you how relieved the family is and what a journey we have had for the past twelve months. We went through some tense nerve shattering days but that is all behind us now.
Now our Mom will be able to stay a little longer at her new home Rosemont Assisted Living. We were very fortunate as our realtor agent was able to arrange for the closing at Mom’s assisted living facility. As most of you know she is wheel chair bound and my sister due to her major surgery earlier this year has really been shut down. Thanks to my younger brother, Ward who stepped in and represented us at the closing. Now that we have that behind us wfireworks_16xte all can celebrate and relax knowing that our mom can enjoy her days as long as the good Lord is willing.  When I called her to let her know the funds had been electronically transferred to her bank account I detected tears and joy on the other end.  For 92 years young she is quite a fighter and has really mastered her scooter that has become her only way of getting around now. Also a special thanks goes out to my cousin Barbara Jean who goes by every week and checks on Mom's needs. Our family is so blessed to have friends and family that places special interest and love toward our mom.

image Last but not least I must thank my dear wife, Sandy for being by my side and doing a lot of the leg work. Without her the road would have been a little more bumpy. She is also an angel to my mom. Here is a photo taken this last Christmas at Rosemont. Thanks dear for being there for me. You mean so much to Mom.



Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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