Friday, March 5, 2010

ZZZZzzzzzz’s At VA Shreveport

This morning Sandy let me sleep in late while she was up early and out with her brother James for breakfast at Arnold’s. Today is my travel day to VA Shreveport for the Sleep Apnea Screening tonight. While I was eating my bowl of cereal I received a call from the VA Coumadin Clinic and got some good news about my blood PT/INR. It has finally reached the goal of 2.5 and they won’t have to check it quite as often now. She did tell me they would check it again in two weeks and if it remains the same I would only need it checked once a month.

image Even though I didn’t have to be there till around 8pm, Sandy I left for Shreveport around 1pm. Sandy wanted to do some shopping and I wanted to go to the Bass Pro Store in Bossier City. Also there was the matter of finding a places to eat lunch and dinner. If we were great gamblers like some of our friends we would also hit the slots at the Casino’s. Maybe another time when our friends go again.

We arrived at Bass Pro about 2:30 spent about one hour wandering through the maze of hunting, fishing and outdoorsmen stuff. We enjoyed the huge indoor image 
13,000 gallon aquarium with the largest catfish and gars that I’ve ever seen. Afterwards we traveled to the large strip center for some shopping at Best Buy, Bird & Bath, Super Target, Marshalls and Wally World.

About 6pm we eat our dinner at Golden Corral and after filling ourselves with steak, shrimp and other goodies headed out to VA for my sleep in. When we got their we had to go in at the Emergency entrance as the rest of the hospital was buttoned up. We checked in a the Sleep clinic exactly at 7:30pm where I filled out several forms about me and my sleep habits. The nurse who was in charge asked me if I was ready for bed then and naturally I said no, so she said she would come back and get me around 10pm.

About 9:35 she came to get me and asked if Sandy was going to spend the night. We told her yes, so she took Sandy to a waiting room that had lounge chairs for her to set and sleep in. Afterwards she hooked me up to a monitoring devise around my chest area, a nose tube and a probe on the finger and said goodnight see you in the morning at 4:30am. What! I said and she replied “I plan to have you out of here by 5am as I go off duty at 6am”. Well let me tell you sleep I did not do much of. The bed was very uncomfortable (rubber pad) the stuff on me would get caught on some body part when I turned. So, what should have been about 7 hour sleep turned out to be only about half that.

Sure enough 4:30am rolled by and she had me up and Sandy met me in the hall and off we went on our return trip to Lone Star. I don’t know when I will hear the results but she said their was another test they would do if this one showed any signs whatsoever of Sleep Apnea.Sandy and I both were completely worn out. Upon arriving back at the motor home we both crashed and slept for a couple hours.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. They should call those the "no sleep test"!

    Hugs to you both!