Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Making Of A Deer Blind Part II

image BIL James knocked on our door about 8 am this morning wanting to know if I wanted to with them to the deer lease. They were going back out to check the hog fence they put up two weeks ago and do some clearing of the low tree branches. I joined them and upon arrival at David’s deer stand we saw the fence was still intact and there was no signs of entry by wild hogs. You could see signs were deer had been inside the fenced in area eating the corn. So, the plan as laid out so far was working. However, to reinforce the fence they wanted to drive in some smaller T-bar posts to help stiffen the fence.image

They also worked clearing some small trees and low hanging branches for a clear view from his deer stand to the fenced in area where the feeder will be located. The tree for the Capture IR game camera was also picked out and they placed the mounting bracket around the tree for later installation of the camera. He told me this camera costs about $250 and I asked him if he was worried about theft . He said you just have to trust your fellow man but he plans to install stainless steel cable with lock to be on the safe side.

image While setting on the ATV I noticed how peaceful and tranquil this area really was. You could hear the wind rustling through the pine trees, now and then the noise of jet aircraft above,  and at a distance cars running on a nearby highway. I said to myself….”Now this would be a wonderful spot to put up a hammock between two trees and just lay there looking up at the sky and enjoying the peace and stillness this area brings”. Here are some other photos I took:

James cutting tree branches
View of the feeder area from where the deer stand will be


image image We returned to the motorhome around 2 pm and I noticed that Sandy’s Christmas Cactus had blooms on it. I said “I thought this would bloom only at Christmas time”….. she replied “no it also blooms around Easter time too”. Now I find that very interesting Christmas time is when our Savior Jesus Christ was born and Eastern Time is when he arose again after dying for our sins. Now if that won’t make your day nothing else will.
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Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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