Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Forward and Yard Clean Up

My favorite time of the year is when we spring forward to Daylight Savings Time. Not only does it mean Spring is just around the corner but our daylight will be longer where we get to enjoy the outside more before it gets dark. Sandy and I were up early this morning 5:30 am (still was dark outside) and had breakfast at Arnold’s with BIL James. Today's special was one egg, two beacon and one toast for $1.75 ea. image And, it was a good thing we had a good breakfast as Sandy (I must confess did  most of the raking) and I spent a good part of the day raking leaves, pine cones and sweet gum balls into piles like this. Over all we had about 25 piles similar to this one. Later her brother came by with his tractor and we loaded all those piles into his bucket on the tractor and hauled them to a burn pit on his property. Afterwards I got the lawnmower out and scalped the yard pretty close in order to get rid of the dead grass from winter. We are now officially ready for spring. image
We still have about four or five piles left in the back yard that we will address later in the week. We both were just to tired to mess with them today. This was pretty much our most active day in quite awhile and we could really tell it . Sandy and I both had some blisters on our hands in Image11 spite of both using gloves and in the morning I’m sure some muscles will be telling us we out did ourselves. But, it makes one feel good when you accomplish a task such as this one.


Until  next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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