Monday, March 8, 2010

The Making of a Deer Blind

Making of a deer blind 002 Over the weekend I was invited to go with my two BIL’S, James and David to their new deer lease about 15 miles from the motorhome. They each carried their four wheelers and I road behind James as his ATV had a buddy seat. They had just made arrangements to lease the four hundred acres and wanted to start fixing up their deer blinds and feeders. The ride over to one of their sites was through some heavy forest mostly pine trees. As you can tell from the photos the pine trees are siblings as they are not the typical tall pine tree seen here in Northeast Texas.Making of a deer blind 004
Upon arrival they proceeded to unload hog fence wire and t-posts  as they were going to build a hog fence around the feeder to prevent the wild hogs from eating the deer corn they would later put out. The deer can jump the fence but the hog can not.

Making of a deer blind 011
Here is where they are driving one of the t-post into the ground with a t-post pounder. The area they fenced in was about 75ft long and about 30ft wide. The deer feeder would be placed inside the fenced area and is located about 75yards from the deer stand. They also have installed a game camera to take photos of anything (hopefully deer) that came up to the feeder. Most cameras come with a strap that allows it to be hung from a tree and a lock to prevent theft. It will automatically take a picture when it senses motion. Each image is stamped with the date and time it was recorded. The game camera will usually function day and night by sensing game out to around 45 feet. Their hoping to catch a photo of one of these in the camera.350px-White-tailed_deer
We spent about two hours getting the fence up and will go back next weekend to put up the feeder and stand. Me being from the city has never hunted before but, just maybe with this lease being so close to home I might get an invite to go this season. If anything to set and watch the game as they approach the clearing. Maybe take some interesting photos and not trophy's.
Final installation of the hog fence. image
image   When we got back my SIL Pam and her husband Mike dropped by on their new to be Gold Wing motorcycle. Boy what a class bike.  Their helmets have built in mike/  speakers so they can not only communicate with one another but listen to their radio or MP3 player. They do some touring as well as this part of Texas offers great weekend trips for motorcycle enthusiasts. Yesterday before noon we had a group of about 25 touring cycles drive by probably headed for Jefferson TX. I told Sandy since she was my designated driver now maybe we ought to get us one and tour the country side with them. Her reply was LOL.
Until next time….MtnAire Travlers. 

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  1. Jennifer and Tank now have Harleys. One each! Yes and they ride all the time. I worry about Jen being a police officer and now I have to worry about her riding a motor....Oh well we might just get one too...HE HE