Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Visit By Our Youngest Son Tim

tims visit 2010 021 Tim our youngest son along with his friend Melanie paid a visit to us this weekend. Unfortunately, the weather did not corporate as it rained and snowed all weekend. But, we did not let that discourage us. We watched a marathon of DVD movies (a total of five altogether). Lets see we watched The Proposal, Raising Helen, An Unfinished Life, Did You Hear About The Morgan's, and Knotting Hill. Did you noticed all of these were about about couples and romance….. No action or westerns I wonder why? The movie that everyone seemed to like and voted as the best was The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Melanie brought along two huge bags of her home made peanut butter and ranger cookies that we were able to munch on during the movies. Sandy prepared two excellent dinners for us and the lunches were sandwiches and dips.

tims visit 2010 026 Sunday morning we woke up to snow. We had breakfast at Whataburger in Mt Pleasant and sent them on their way back to Austin TX. I wished the weather had been better as we had plans to show them the sights and sounds of Northeast Texas. But, in a way the bad weather and staying inside helped us learn a lot about them. Tim brought us up to date on our granddaughter Kaylea who turns 16 in May. She is very athletic and smart he tells us. Her volleyball skills probably will get her a scholarship at some college. We are so proud of her.

On our drive imageback to Lone Star I took this picture and at first glance it reminded me of the Aspens you see in Colorado. Only these were pines with snow that has collected only on one side due to the 25-30 mph wind out of the northwest. By the time we arrived back to the motorhome it had stopped snowing.

tims visit 2010 004 Earlier in the week we helped BIL James  remove two huge pine tree stumps from the yard and polished off the remaing leaf piles by burning them in the burn pit. Things are shaping up for what looks  like might be a great spring around here. If the weather history repeats itself this should be our last of cold weather which traditionally occurs before Easter weekend. (Click on any picture to enlarge)


The fruit trees in the area are already blooming and by Easter weekend we should start seeing the Dogwood trees popping out with their blooms.
P.S.The snow has started up again. It is getting larger and there is more of it.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. That is so great that you got to visit with your son. Sherri and I will be in Canton during First Monday weekend. Maybe we can talk you two into meeting us for diner somewhere. We would love to see you again and visit.

  2. We'd have played Mexican Train rather than watch movies, but it sounds as if you guys had a grand visit. That's what counts. We haven't seen any of those 5 flicks, but we are interested in The Proposal. It sounds like a winner.

  3. Even with the snow, what a great weekend you must have had with Tim. And, what a cute friend he has!

    I can't believe it is almost April and it does look like Spring is on the way.

    We are looking forward to catching up with you guys. Maybe on our way to Red Bay!

    Hugs to you both. We miss you guys!!