Friday, November 6, 2009

Another day at Lone Star

Slept in this morning till 7:25 am. Sandy had been up since 6:25am and was on the couch catching up on the news which mainly was the tragedy at Ft Hood. The morning wasn’t quite as cold as the previous mornings and the wind had shifted back out of the south. Overall the day was great for just doing some odd and ends around the home.

image I was able to get upon the roof and finished installing the rear clearance light lenses. While up there I had Sandy pass up the leaf blower and blew the masses of leafs that had collected on it. I cleaned all the vents and applied a coating of 303 UV protectant over them. Made some more pile of leafs with my blower. I will be so glad when we have that first frost or hard freeze to knock the remainder leafs off the trees.

So far I really like the new Wi-Fi connection. I haven’t noticed a great bit difference in speed from the prior DSL and the broadband wireless connection that I am now using. Might be a small difference but nothing major. The big plus is being able to get online anywhere I have a Verizon  signal.

My friend Mark with Rving with Poppa called and said that Tiffin had finished his hit list for warranty work and they would be headed back to Texas in the morning. I know they will be happy to be back as when they returned from their big adventure they were only settled in at base for just a short time.

Received a call from my sister this evening and its official she was on her way home from the hospital. Thanks to all who lifted her up in their prayers. I know she will be glad to be home and usually the healing process is much better than in a hospital environment.

Well the  NASCAR truck series race is just about to start at the Texas Motor Speedway so its time to draw this to a close and enjoy some racing. Boogedy– boogedy

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.
Keep smiling

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  1. Sherri set the store up at the race track. They have a temp grocery store there for all the RVs. She worked there Monday. While going to Shreveport we passed several tractor trailers attached to the racing circuit.