Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today Was the Day To Give The MH A Bath

Slept in this morning till nearly 8am. The clouds had moved in and there wasn’t much sun light coming in the window. I am trying to come up with an excuse to why I slept in so long.  I guess the beacon & eggs photo Rick recently posted on his journal gave Sandy the idea
as she prepared a great breakfast this morning for us consisting of two eggs over easy, crispy beacon an toast.
While eating our breakfast we talked about what we might do today.
We decided sinc the last time we washed the Motor Home was 60 days ago (we use The Solution between washes) it was time to give her that bath. I first went upon the roof and scrubbed it down good with soap and water. First had to blow off all the leafs that accumulated on it since yesterday.
image Afterwards Sandy and I gave the lower part a good washing. Sandy used the brush, and I used the hand mitt. She after washing with the brush was also the rinser as noted here. I came behind her with the squeegee and chamois. With the threat of rain Monday I may have to postpone the start of my  quarterly Klasse waxing. That will take me several days once
I get started.
kyle Bush #18 Just wasn’t meant to be. After leading the most laps Kyle Busch missed out on winning his third consecutive NASCAR race this weekend. He was leading with just three laps to go and then runs out of fuel. His brother Kurt won the race. I’m not necessarily a Kyle Busch fan but you have to hand it to him he is a good race driver. Little temper and immaturity maybe but that seems to be in moderation now. Joe Gibbs his car owner being the man he is I’m sure has influenced Kyle some.

Until Next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. What a great deal. I need to clean my roof. I was going to wax tomorrow but now it says it will run. We are in Tyler