Friday, November 27, 2009

December 2009 1st Monday Canton

Our Thanksgiving dinner at Sandy’s sister Pam and Mike’s home was goooood. Like most we eat to much and felt stuffed all day. Mike and Pam were excellent host and they had all the trimmings. I might add the dressing Sandy made was wonderful. It passed her Mom’s approval and that was saying a lot since all of Mom Alice siblings say she makes the best. Outside of watching football, visiting and talking with other family members over the cell phone we didn’t do a whole lot. We headed for the MH around 4pm as we had to get her ready for going to Canton for 1st Monday. 
We were up at 6am and the outside temperature was 35 degrees. This made it a little difficult in getting the chores done for traveling.
We pulled out for Canton by 7am and arrived without incident around 9am.  While on I-20 there must have been four-five Highway Patrol units either on the shoulder or traveling the highway. We suspect they were out in force because of the holidays.

As we pulled into the grounds I happen to notice the LED lights on the inverter where not working . We had no power at the usual receptacles. I pushed the reset button and a single LED started blinking and the menu screen started flashing Absorption Stage. After about two hours the screen then displayed Float Voltage and the house batteries voltage showed 12.4 to 12.7 volts. This is still the stage on the inverter as I write this post. Don’t quite understand what all this means but I don’t know how old the house batteries might be since we purchased the unit used. If any of you out there have any ideas I would welcome them.

We have a good Verizon signal here. I am excited to be able to get on the web and read other blogs as well as keep up with all the emails we get while away from base.

Oh my windshield cleaning I mentioned in a prior post where I said passed well guess what when we got out in the sun it wasn’t good. The mixture of peroxide/water is 50/50  but I don’t believe this was the problem. I probably should have followed up with a microfiber rag.

Heard from VA and the results of the biopsies were both negative. My blood work though showed a high possibility of lupus. Go back Monday for more blood work.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Stay away from the lupus! Thanks for the mix percentage -- we'll have to try that. And microfiber is wonderful!