Monday, November 9, 2009

Verizon Air Card In Conjunction with Cradlepoint

  Boy did I get a surprise of my life this evening. It seems according to the Verizon tech guy I spoke with you can not use the Verizon Air Card with the Cradlepoint MBR1000 even though I managed to get it connected up through the 3G Store tech. It seems one can not get info about my account unless the air card is connected directly to my laptop. The Verizon tech said they did not support Cradlepoint and if I wanted a Wi-Fi hotspot in my motor home I should have purchased the Verizon Min-Fi . I explained I thought this device wasn’t as strong of a signal as the combination I was using. I got so confused as I told the young man the 3G Store said nothing about their device not being compatible. He said their Air Card for user protection was not encrypted for use with the CradlePoint or any other router other than your laptop.. I know it works but there is a big problem of going from the air card from the Cradlepoint to the laptop and visa versa. Maybe I just don’t know the proper steps to take to make the transitions smooth?

What started all of this out was I was trying to set up my online account with Verizon  as well as find out my usage to date and wham this guy hits me with this when I called to find out why I was having so many problems. I made the mistake I guess telling him my air card was connected to a router other than the laptop. We tried calling a tech at 3G and all lines were busy. We will try again. I know there are a lot of you Dreamers out there that use the Cradlepoint and Verizon air card without problems. Could you please share your secrets with this old knot head.? Rick if you read this I bet you have a system on how one goes about this so you don’t get so many delays going to and from laptop to the Cradlepoint. They both appear in my VZAcess manager but it seems you must reboot when going from one to the other??? It took what seems a life time for this to take place.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Hi Weldon, sounds like you're not having much fun there. First, ignore the Verizon guy - he's just blowing smoke! Try and get a hold of a 3Gstore tech and they'll confirm that you're just fine. Second, don't use VZaccess Manager when you have your USB760 plugged into the Cradlepoint Router - it won't work, but the good news is you don't need it anyway. Just plug your usb760 into the router and connect to MBR.... wifi device for the Internet on the view available wireless networks. To check your usage, you can just plug your usb760 directly into your computer and then use the VZaccess Manager; or, leave it in the router and check your usgage at the "my account" on the Verizon website.

    But, call the 3Gstore and they'll be glad to explain all of this - but, you're o.k. - just a few growing pains, o.k.

  2. We have a Cradlepoint 350 that has been working great for over two years with a Verizon USB720. Check the Escapees Forum on Internet Access on the Road, lots of good information.

    Here is a link that will take you to a comparison chart of what the Cradlepoint routers will do:

    I am sure they all will work with Verizon but check with the 3G Store just to be sure.

    Good Luck!