Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Near Perfect Day In the Piney Woods

We were up earlier than our usual 6:15 am this morning as…. Yes we were meeting the BIL James for breakfast at Arnolds. We had a half order of SOS for $2.00.The frost missed us as the low this morning was 36F. The day was just about a perfect day except for a little wind. The sky remained blue just about all day. Our high reached 62F but, the wind kept you from wanting to be outside to long as it had a little bite to it. Did do some shuffling and reorganization of the big bays. I need to do this more often as I was able to eliminate some things we didn't need at Canton during this winter shows.
Since this year is rapidly coming to a close, I felt I needed to get our business financials brought up to date. I was two months behind.

With that project out of the way we worked on shuffling and reorganization of the inside. Yes, we were able to do some eliminating here. I could hear the MH let out a big sigh of relief   when I took the items out to the trailer and some to the garbage. It has always amazed me the amount of stuff we accumulate over a period of time. Next I worked on the organization of the electronic gadgets, USB cords,  cell phone gizmos, TV changers and ear phone buds. I put them in their respective groups in small plastic pencil containers and used a felt pen to mark their contents. Could not believe the number of ear phone buds we had collected. What's that old saying “a better mouse trap comes along and you just have to have it”.
Jerry the mouseSpeaking of mouse traps reminds me of the rat that visited Best Buy yesterday. Maybe he was going there to visit those computer mouse's.

So far my usage on the Verizon Air Card is 758 MB through the 16th which averages about 75MB per day. This being new to me I might be a little more cautious of my usage than I need be. With Sandy’s Iphone she’s being using the cell phone signal for accessing the Internet. I told her she needs to use the Wi-Fi hot spot through the Cradlepoint as our usage so far was looking good. She will use the Wi-Fi from now till the end of our billing period so we can get a handle on our combined usage. Of course Sandy is not a web surfer like my self and we probably will never have a usage problem.

Tomorrow we plan on going through our closets and drawers' to transfer summer and winter clothes. This is kind of tuff at times because in Texas you can be freezing one day and the next you might be in a heat wave.

Until next time….MtnAire Travelers.

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  1. Weldon, c'mon - you've got to start cranking up some videos, music downloads and games to get those Verizon MB's going! Just kidding, of course, sounds like you're doing great on bandwidth usage. Monitoring is the best way to get a handle on it at least for a while until your normal pattern is established - and after that? Still monitor it!