Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Visit To The Local Ace Hardware Store

I can’t explain why this local hardware store is so attracting. I guess the small town atmosphere, only thing going as far as hardware is concerned in a small community and finally the “it” factor. I love going in and just browsing all the aisles and shelf's. They just about have everything from A-Z you might need. They usually have that friendly “Ace Hardware Man” that can help you in any category as well as suggest what you might need to build or repair it. This area being so small hasn’t had Wally World move in and as a result close all the Mom and Pop stores down.
image I received in the mail this 20% off coupon on anything you could fit in a standard brown paper grocery bag.It literately got my “what do I need juices” flowing.
So, I was up this morning and after breakfast traveled the six miles to Dangerfield where the hardware store is located. As I pulled up into their parking lot all the parking spaces up front were occupied and I had to park on the side. Walked in and there were plenty of customers all with the brown bag in their hand walking the aisles.
so, I picked up my brown bag and established a game plan for what I was going to do. I started at the far side of the store and stated my shopping going down each aisle and looking at everything….now let me see what do I need. hummmm This meant troubled as if you don’t make a list you either overbuy or forget. Okay so I didn’t have a list I would just let it reach out and grab me. If it was something I could not do without or really needed I would just put it in the bag….right. Wrong I spent about 45 minutes in that little store walked every aisle some twice and would you believe when I got up to the cashier I had only two items in my bag (6ft extension cord and a tube of silicone) for whopping $5.87 purchase. I did have more stuff in the bag but after applying that “Want vs. Need” logic I put them back.Wow! the little lady cashier said “now don’t tell me you couldn’t find anything else”.  I explained to her that I was the last of the big time spenders. While standing in line to check out there was a father with his young teenage daughter and were buying her first hunting license.
Her comment to the cashier is we live on a farm and I can set on my front porch and see all kinds of wildlife. Then she said “You watch now that deer season has opened I won’t see a deer one”. She’s probably right as we haven’t seen any deer come across my BIL land next door in quite awhile.251

Texas 35 - UCF 3

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.
All this shopping just wore me out


  1. I bought a tube of silicone just yesterday to patch my lavatory back splash! I got it at Wally World and should have gone to ACE. Wally World may be cheaper but you have such a selection of all that other S T U F F you don't need that you end up buying.

  2. You just needed Mark to help you fill you bag!