Thursday, November 19, 2009

Contrails In The Sky

image This mornings cooler weather and the clear blue skies made it a good day for observing contrails those white streaks left in the sky caused by the exhausts of jets. I set in the blue chair and watched this phenomena take place in the skies here in Lone Star. I’m sure their are commercial jets as well as military, since we are close to Barksdale AFB in Bossier La, that is laying down these long trails of condensation.  Some trails didn't dissipate for several minutes - and even at that point stayed together like a long cloud through the sky.

While watching this my mind wondered about who were the people in these planes. I’m sure some were business people on business trips, families going on holiday and Air Force personnel on training missions to protect our country. I also wondered what was the destination of each flight that passed over head. The major flight pattern was west to east. How many were interstate, cross-country and international. Which one would I liked to have been on? Probably the B-52.
As the day drew warmer even though there were still jets flying over head their were less contrails. My day dreaming came to a close and it was back to my chores of mowing the yard (actually pushing leafs) and some more organizing the shop.

On our way to Mt Pleasant TX for some banking business, we saw about a 9-10 point buck on the highway right-a-way jumping back into the woods. Glad he turned as had it kept coming he would have broadsided us.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Have always been fascinated with aircraft & still look up everytime a plane goes over. When in Why Arizona I like to watch the military manuevers especially at night as the fighter jets chase each other through the sky. Rapidly moving points of light amongst the stars. In the daytime A-10 Warthogs swoop in low over the desert floor in pairs with their turbine engines roaring. If the contrails are in a straight line it's probably commercial jets but if not.....military!!

  2. Great way to spend a morning, Weldon. Nothing like just sitting back and looking at the sky!