Friday, November 20, 2009


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Up at the usual 6:15 am time. We had a little shower over night and this is what we are facing now. We normally would have gone with James for breakfast this morning at Arnolds but he left this morning at 5am to go to a funeral in Amarillo, TX. The trip would be over 475 miles and take nearly eight hours driving time. Sandy would have gone with him as his co-pilot and a second driver but he wanted to stop by the Brackenridge deer lease on his way back this evening. He is still looking and waiting for that prize trophy.

We are still waiting for this system to hit us. Most of the bad looking stuff has passed to the north of us. Today being Friday I usually I check with my Mom’s realtor person for an update on the progress of selling my Mom’s house. She  assured us things were still looking good in the housing market and this time of the year would not be a bad time for selling. Let’s hope so because my Mom is one of those who worries a lot.

Speaking of TGIF I can remember in my working days how I always looked forward to Friday’s and the weekend. Being retired now you can just about say every day is a Friday and weekend. But, with me Friday’s are still the end of a retired week and the weekend brings college sports, NFL and NASCAR. Also I still enjoy occasionally going to some Friday night high school football games. I believe most are now playing bi-district and district games heading for the state finals.

Tomorrow is my BIL Mike’s 55th birthday and we are headed into Longview to celebrate this point in his life. Boy’ I don’t remember being 55 but I know it must have been nice.

Until next timer….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. We are here in Marksville waiting for the rain to hit here. Take care