Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Day in Longview

The alarm went off this morning at 6:15am. I was up first and showered. This was our day to make that weekly trip into Longview for some earns and grocery shopping. Shortly afterwards James, Sandy’s brother, called and he wanted us to eat breakfast with him and his friend Wendell at Arnold’s. We had our usual eggs, beacon and toast for $3.00 each. It’s official now Sandy no longer has a job working for her brother. The general contractor that James had sub-contracted to sold the business to another group who have their own mowing crews and no longer needed his services. One good thing, however, is this new guy needed more tractors and bush hog’s  and will be  leasing them from her brother.

bosch ps230After breakfast we journeyed the 38 miles to Longview with the first stop being Lowes where I pickup this Bosch cordless drill. It had a special sales price of $119 normally $149. The old 9volt Makita that I had for nearly 15 years finally bit the dust. This Bosch is a 12v 3/8” drill with Litheon batteries. It came in its own case with charger and two 12v Litheon batteries.

After Lowes we went to Sandy’s hair dresser for her to cut Sandy’s hair. I like it and I know she does too. While waiting for Sandy I borrowed her Apple 3G Iphone to read some blogs and really enjoyed Rick’s post on Picasa and Google tips, Al’s on Rattlesnake Crafts in the desert and Speedy’s on reflections from a dreamer journals. If you want some good tips, photo’s  and stories jump over to their blogs by clicking on their names in red.  Al had some interesting photos on his blog. I particularly liked the one that showed his reflection in the blue ball. Speaking of rattlesnakes how would you like to come upon this site while walking in the woods.

RattlesnakesThis is one of those email forwards we get
and I believe it was somewhere in Florida

After the hair cut we were off to the two used book stores in town for some book exchanging. Afterwards a meal at Whataburger and then to Walgreens to pick up her Mom’s medicine. Our final stop yes you guessed it was Wally World.  on our trip back to the RV we stopped at the Post Office and picked up a weeks worth of mail.

Now wasn’t this just a fun filled day.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Thanks for the plug guys. Appreciate that for sure:))

  2. Hey thanks for the mention. Sounds like you had a day that Sherri and I have when we go to Wills Point to pick up our mail and do our banking. We are heading to Shreveport today.

  3. Me too, Weldon, thanks for the mention. That Bosch drill you bought is a real dandy!