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November 2009 1st Monday Canton TX

Friday October 23, 2009
We were up by 6:30am to get things ready for traveling.The sun wasn’t quite up at this time so we prepared the inside first. As it got lighter I did all the make ready things outside and we are on the way.  I wanted to try my Microsoft Streets and Maps 2009 with GPS. So after I got it set up and turned on worked like a champ. We know our way to Canton but this was our first opportunity to try it out. (Click on photos to enlarge)image The nice thing its bigger and easier to see than Miss Gabby our Garmin. Also it doesn’t say recalculating when we make a turn we want to travel. The only short comings is we do not have a slide out tray in the dash for the computer. When I put the laptop on top of the dash it interferes with Sandy’s ability to see out the passenger mirror. So, I need to come up with a small table to set it on when traveling. We also noticed diesel at $2.75 is about $0.26 cents per gallon higher than last month.

Arrived at Canton about 10:30am without incident. Pulled into 1st Mondays grounds and already someone has roped off about ten RV spots along the creek side with rope and barrels. We don’t know if its Marty’s group from Coachlight Carthage, MO (our RV dealer) who comes to Canton with his group every November. We could not see where there was any water damage from the flood they had here last week. They were however sweeping the north end of our pavilion where the water left a lot of sand after that end flooded.

Saturday October 24,2009
Timagehe IPod Touch alarm went off at 6:00am. This is what we saw when we went outside. What a difference in 24 hours from stormy rainy weather to just a beautiful day, We were headed out to Tyler,TX for our monthly outing to some of our favorite shops and a couple of used book stores. Sandy loves to read when she has the time to devote herself to this hobby. As you can tell from this photo of our MH it was quite cool this morning. Notice the outline of the framing on the side walls caused by the dew especially their spacing. image

The sidewall aluminum framing are on 16” centers which is one of many reasons we selected a Newmar product. At the time they also had a three year bumper to bumper warranty which was another reason we selected them. They have since changed this to I believe the industry standard of one year.
251 The Texas Longhorns continued their undefeated season by winning 41-7 over Missouri. Also them Aggies put the hurt on Texas Tech 52-30.

Sunday October 25, 2009
image The large number of RV spots that were roped off  turns out to be a group called “Traveling Cajuns” from Louisiana. They were all out Saturday evening around a large pit camp fire. I'm sure sharing stories, jokes and travel experiences. This is the earliest Rver’s in this number have arrived at Canton. Sooooo it looks like we may be in for a good crowd and hopefully a good selling month. Went to our favorite eating place “Dairy Palace” for a Grand Slam breakfast (two eggs, hash browns, toast, four pieces bacon, two pancakes and gravy) we share for $6.49. 
What is that saying “Red Sky In The Morning Sailors Take Warning”. This was our sunrise this morning and the forecast is 90% chance of thunder storms tonight. This place literally flooded last week. Lets hope there has been enough runoff between storms that this area doesn’t flood again. It’s official now The Weather Channel is saying this part of Texas has had the rainiest October on record. We certainly will not take issue as we have been right in the middle of it all month. Sandy’s brother called and said for her to not report to work this coming week.

Monday October 26, 2009-“Sailors Take Warning”
Well so much for drying out. It started in this morning about 1am and hasn’t let up yet. Yes, its raining again and we are flooding in the usual spots as attested by the following photos:
This is the north end of our pavilion. Vendor hooking up to pull out due to rising water.image

This is the creek. It has about a foot of water going over it. imageThis is the row of motor homes shown on Sunday. Get’s much deeper and they will have to evacuate.
imageThe water has a good current and is about 3-4 foot deep in this area

A food vendors booth 75 yards south of our booth.
The rain has let up a little now (12:35pm) and the water is slowly going back down. Lets hope this is it for awhile. None of the Rver’s have pulled out yet.

Tuesday October 27, 2009
It’s cooler this morning, 48F  and no rain. The skies however are dark and gloomy. Might see some sun this afternoon. 
This is our neighbors fur kid across the way Pumpkin. You couldn’t tell that she is one spoiled dog. Her own chair for setting in behind their booth. She is of the Vizula breed. Her hair is real short, very little shedding and she easily gets cold. Their origin I understand is Hungary and they are excellent at bird hunting.image

imageMarty’s group from Missouri is finally here. They must have got in late Monday as they are parked in a different spot on the grounds. It looked like their is ten rigs in his group.They are on a site where the ground is not level at all. Notice the coaches with their front wheels off the ground. image I’m not sure if this is something I would do.  Hopefully the HWH jacks and Spartan chassis will hold up and they have those rear tires cocked.
The vacant area next to Marty’s coach (London Aire w/green & white stripped awning) is where they gather for meals and socialization. Things are looking up. We’ve had partly cloudy skies this afternoon with sun. I have counted 158 RV’s on this side of the creek. November Canton is looking very promising.

Wednesday October 28, 2009 
Started out as a gorgeous day but it has gradually turned into a much cooler and overcast day.Today is our youngest son Tim’s 39th Birthday. Sandy and I called him this morning and wished him a Happy Birthday! We finished our booth setup as there are early shoppers out there walking the pavilions and grounds. We suspect these to be from the RV groups that have gathered here early.
Canton Fire Department came to the grounds to put out a fire in one the trash dumpsters. Seems one of the campers threw his hot coals from his BQ grill into the garbage can.
We had a lot of fun with Sandy this evening with a remote Whoopee Cushion. While she was gone to Wally World one of the ladies in the booth across the aisle had purchased a Whoopee Cushion with a remote control at the local CVS. She installed it under Sandy’s purse demo table. When Sandy returned she was standing near her table. Frank our next door neighbor (part of the scheme) came over (we were across the aisle just a watching) to Sandy and leaned over her table and started talking. Carla waited a few minutes before she hit the remote. Sandy being the innocent one she is first didn’t say anything but the expression on her face was worth a million dollars. Carla hit the remote again and again we all couldn’t hold it back any longer we burst into laughter. Sandy just looked at Frank and then asked “what’s that noise…. was that you”?  Sandy said at first I didn’t want to say anything because I knew it wasn’t me and I didn’t want to embarrass Frank. Yes, we do have fun at Canton.
Tonight Carla and Don prepared a ham in her crock pot and invited everyone over for dinner. We had pulled pork, potato salad, baked beans, mac & Cheese with homemade coconut and pecan pies.  What a feast and yes the Whoopee machine did a number on another poor un-expecting soul.  image

Thursday October 29, 2009

Sandy was up early as she wanted to make biscuits (can) for everyone. Our neighbors across the way furnished the pulled pork we had last night for the biscuits. Yummy 

Heavy rain with thunder and lighting settle in again around 2:30 pm. We are under a tornado watch until 7pm tonight. Rain let up about 4pm and skies remained overcast. Our Thursday crowd was a little better than previous months. We had vegetable soup, corn bread and sweet potato pie for our group get together tonight.

Friday October 30, 2009
Our next door friend Mary Kay knock on our door this morning and greeted us with two biscuits, egg, sausage and cheese sandwiches  she made. Yummy. What great friends we have here at Canton. Right now we have a slow drizzle and much cooler temperature than yesterday morning. They say this system should gradually get out of here by this evening. We are blessed as the same system that came through here yesterday spun off five tornados in Shreveport, LA.

A long time friend of ours Doug Lown with his family dropped by our booth this morning. Doug is Marty’s oldest son and he is responsible for making us such good deals we purchased both our Dutch Star and Mountain Aire from their dealership Coachlight in Carthage, MO.  Doug and his family came down with Marty’s group and all will return Sunday.
A day of surprises! Our dear friends Joe (Speedy) and Sherri dropped by our booth. We met their friends Mike & Leslie who are right now traveling with them to the different places Sherri’s job takes them. We visited for a brief time and they said their “see ya’s”. Boy was it good seeing some old friends.  Wish we could have shared some stories together. Also James & Linda (they use to sell John Deere merchandise here at 1st Monday) came buy to tell us they had signed up to be workkampers again this next April-October at the RV Park in Montrose CO. They worked there this year and loved it. They said their average workdays was about 15 days a month. Tonight was our night to feed the group. Sandy prepared chili dogs with all the trimmings. We also had a excellent coconut pie for desert.

Saturday October 31. 2009
What a difference 24 hours make . The weather is just gorgeous this morning 47F with a high expected to be 66F.There is not a cloud in the sky and we actually had shoppers coming through the pavilion before 8am. The crowd is big but not the typical fall crowd! You don’t have to go with the flow like usual. In fact you can get out on your cell phone which is very unusual for this time of the year.
More friends dropped by Skeeter and Myra Nidermaier (they did craft shows with us as well as 1st Monday ). They live in San Antonio but told us they were in the process of selling their home to move back to Helena, MT were they are originally from. They miss the Big Sky Country and the mountains.
Marty and Doug came by and told us bye. Doug did say that Newmar was back working five days a week now. He also said they have had a pretty good last ninety days moving some of their inventory and would go into the winter months in pretty good shape. Marty also said he was glad they got in late Monday and didn’t park on the creek side that had all the water problems Monday.

Overall Saturday’s crowd and sales were mediocre. Tomorrow is another day and you can never predict what your Sunday will be like. We didn’t have to many ghosts and goblins come by our booth for the traditional “Trick or Treat”. Our neighbor Sandra fixed the group pinto beans, crawfish corn bread and tamales for our dinner tonight. The crawfish corn bread was a keeper. YumYum. Happy Halloween everybody. !cid_X_MA1_1255562047@aol
251 No. 2 Texas 41-OSU 14

Sunday November 1, 2009
We set our clocks back one hour before going to bed last night. When the alarm went off it look different in the bed room. What's this it was sunlight. Did we set our clock right?  Yes we are back where the sun rises and sets sooner than we’ve been use to seeing it. I wish they would just leave it alone. This is what an old Indian thanks about our time changes.Only the goverment

Most of the RVer’s pulled out this morning before the Sunday crowds arrived and blocked them in. Stood and watched them go through their make ready preparations the 5er’s had a certain procedure and the motor home had theirs. A lot of the procedures are the same I know but it was interesting just watching. Some checking it twice and others just once. There was a part of me wishing that was us getting ready to go off to another adventure like some of our friends. Al & Kelly with the Bayfield bunch on their way over to the Great Southwest in Arizona, Mark &  Dortha Rving with Poppa are up in Camp Red Bay getting  warranty work done on their Phaeton, Joe & Sherri with Speedhitch are off to Sherri's next work assignment.

imageOver all we had a good 1st Monday. So as the sun sets in the west this evening so does it close another Canton 1st Monday weekend.

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