Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Hundred and Twenty Dollars' in Quarters

image This is what $120.00 in quarters look like. I empty the change out of my pockets in to a jar each night. This is about six months of savings. Cashed it in at a change vending machine in the local Brookshire's grocery store over in Dangerfield about six miles north of where we are staying. This will help go toward a Verizon Air Card USB760 and a Cradlepoint MBR1000 router. We’ve decided to go to the air card instead of DSL here in Lone Star for two reasons.
1) Most of the full timing friends we know are using the Verizon air card and most have good things to say about it. Rick has published on his October 14th blog a pretty good in-depth study about different air cards/routers. You just might want to jump over there as he also talks about Wi-Fi and more.
2) When we go to Canton and other places that do not have internet or Wi-Fi we would be able to access the internet as well as read and post blogs. While at Canton I use Sandy’s Iphone 3G for this and in Edge its not the fastest. Also while at Canton this time Sandy received an urgent email from AT&T stating she was using excessive Off-net work while roaming in areas not directly served by AT&T. In other words we were being hijacked by other carrier towers (Verizon) to be exact. This made no sense as we know Canton has at least two AT&T towers and we’ve also showed the At&T emblem on the display screen.
Also there coverage map showed this to be  an AT&T coverage area. They in fact all but said if we wanted to change to another carrier we could if we couldn’t reduce this “Off-net Usage”.  Our question to them was why should they penalize us for something we didn’t do nor had control over. Is it our fault that the other carrier’s signal is stronger than the AT&T’s. It’s not resolved yet so I guess we will continue to monitor the on screen display to make sure it states we are in a AT&T coverage area.
There was another photo I meant to post on Monday's blog of the flooding at Canton. This was the weekend before our flood.
This is about two-three foot in depth and goes through the city and Henry Lewis pavilions off Dealers Row.

Received some good news on my sister Dren. She just  might get to go home this Friday. We continue to give thanks for what the Lord is doing for her and pray for continued healing.
Sandy thought she might get to work today. Her brother called and said meet him and the two mowers in Pittsburg. He also wanted her to pickup the two weed eaters on her way.  She was gone for about an hour and called said they were bogging down and would not mow. It might now be Thursday before they will try again. Mowed the three acres today as well as did a little raking leafs in piles for pickup in her brothers tractor with a front end bucket for hauling to the burn pile. There is still a lot of leafs remaining on the trees so I don’t know why we are jumping the gun. We will just have to rake again.
imageUntil next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Weldon. I'm a coin saver too, but I have to be quick to get them in the jar before my wife helps herself to all my "loonies and toonies". With $1 and $2 coins up here, it can get pretty expensive!!

  2. Weldon your a rich man!! All our quarters go into the coin laundry.