Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Day Of Odd and End Chores

 image Up at 6:15am when the phone ranged and it was James, Sandy’s brother wanting to know if we would eat breakfast with him at Arnolds. We joined him and one of his friends Wendell. After our breakfast I installed my Battery Conditioner Indicator which came with the #12248 BatteryMINDER I installed recently. This little device gives you a quick check of the condition of my chassis batteries by the touch of a button. It came free when I registered the BatteryMINDER warranty. I might also add after using the BatteryMINDER now for a little over two and half months they no longer show sulfation.
Later this morning I went back up on the roof of the MH and put some more sealant on the seams and around the vents.
Helped Sandy’s brother install the fence gates on his property. Then Sandy and I weed eated all the drain culverts (total six) on the road in front of his home and the four acres next door. Afterwards we installed the traditional DOT red/silver reflector strips on half of the culverts to help identify the entrances at night.

Had a little scare this evening while I was posting this blog my vision started getting blurred and I had difficulty seeing  what I was typing. The next signal was the sweating and the shakes. I’m familiar with these signs. Yes, the old blood sugar was low 53 to be exact.  I guess all this activity today was just to much for the old body. I garbed a handful of jelly beans and in a few minutes my blood sugar went back up and all was fine again.

Oh, thanks to Rick , Phil and Cynthia for their information given on my Verizon AC and Cradlepoint issues. Everything is working like it should.

Received some disappointing news from our realtor on the sale of Mom’s home. The loan for the buyers after going through the approval process for about 90days now was turned down. So, the house is back on the market again. Things happen for a reason and I’m sure something good will come out of this.
Every Thing Happens for a reason

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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