Monday, November 23, 2009

Nothing Going On New

Up at our usual time this morning . Met BIL James at Arnold’s. Had our usual one egg, bacon and toast $1.75 ea. I don’t fell this price is all that  bad as I don’t believe we could eat this meal any cheaper at the MH.  Besides we get to enjoy morning conversations with her brother.
Since Thursday is Thanksgiving we decided to make our trip to Longview today for our supplies. You know the kind of stuff need for a Thanksgiving meal. With school being already out for the holidays the crowd was heavy everywhere we went. 
It was still early as most of the stores hadn’t opened so our first stop to kill some time was Target who opens at 8am. Afterwards, we checked with Mike at Hayes RV regarding out old Batwing antenna being capable of receiving digital signals. He advised it should receive digital signals and all we needed to do was make sure our TV booster was on and we had digital TVs. Will give this a try in the morning as I need to get up on the roof and make sure the cable from the antenna is in place.

Afterwards we made trips to two different Wally Worlds looking for the ingredients for a chicken dressing. You know the corn bread mix, poultry seasoning, sage etc. Guess what both stores where out of these key ingredients. Looks like there will be a lot of dressing missing from the tables. It could be they were out because of the weekend. Go figurer one would think they would be stocked to the brim at this time of the year. She did manage to find some of the ingredients and will make a trip to Brookshire's tomorrow for the rest.

On our way back to Lone Star we received a call from CPU a local computer repair place saying they had my HP laptop repaired. So, we turned around and went back to pick up the HP. Sandy is going to use  this to search out and download her food shows, recipes  etc. She will also be able to print things with the HP where she presently can not with her Apple Iphone. This will also give her the opportunity to learn the computer a little more than her Iphone. I hope she can keep them both straight in her mind the HP you click and the Iphone you touch.

When we  got back I begin to delete several programs that I felt she didn’t need. She is now surfing the web. Can’t believe it but, I’m keeping  my cool with all the questions she is now asking.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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