Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Do Nothing Day

This is going to probably be a short post……and the crowd said Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. I guess staying up late at night watching those Frasier re-runs on TV caught up with me. I slept till 8am and had it not been for Mom Alice calling when she did I might have slept longer.

Sandy had been up since 6:15am and was in the living area reading her book and listening to the Food Channel on TV. She said her mom apologized for waking me up. Hummm I wonder if Sandy didn’t call her mom and asked her to call her on the phone. We had a late breakfast and didn’t do a lot. Watched several college football games and presently watching the NASCAR Nationwide  race in Phoenix. I see some of those clouds and winds that Al with the Bayfield Bunch posted on his journal yesterday evening. Oops the point leader Kyle Busch just had a crash. Doesn’t look as bad as Jimmy Johnson's crash last week end.

I meant to congratulate my SIL, Beverly, on her trophy buck she took down last weekend at Brackenridge. It was an eleven point buck with a near perfect shape rack. She’s having it shoulder mounted for their den. My BIL James said it was a good looking trophy. I tried to tease him a little but he quickly advised that his trophy was still out there.


 Texas 47 – Baylor 14

Until next time…..MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Nothing wrong with the odd 'do nothing day' Weldon. In fact, I'm planning on one today as Paulette is headed out for the day and there are a lot of great NFL games on TV. So, I'll probably be parked on the couch with the 2 pups for while.