Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby It’s Cold Outside

We were awaken this morning by strong winds out of the northwest blowing 15-20 MPH with gust has high as 40 MPH. You step outside and it will cut right through you. We managed to do just that as we had breakfast at Arnold’s with Sandy’s brother James. After our meal we returned and I started working on our books for this month sales at Canton. Sandy cleaned and dusted around the inside of the MH. She also is pre-soaking some pinto beans that we will have tonight for dinner with some cornbread. Yummy!

With the cold weather and its wind chill didn’t do a whole lot today. Did the usual kind of things on a day like this reading blogs and a little surfing the web. We had planned on going into Longview but postponed the trip for tomorrow where the wind won't be quite as bad.

Took some mail to the post office and you could tell Christmas is just about upon us. Long lines of people with packages and large mailing envelopes. Took a brief nap this afternoon while Sandy read her book.

Now isn’t this the most exciting post you’ve ever read. You can tell from its contents there just isn’t much going on right now. I was reading Rick’s journal with Rick & Paulette RV Journal and the area they live in Cowichan Bay BC, Canada is such a beautiful place. Their weather hasn’t yet been as bad as ours here in Northeast Texas. He posted several scenic pictures from his trip to Victoria for meeting up with some friends for a luncheon and friendly game of cards.

Sandy has gone to her Mom’s to take her evening meal to her. While there she will also make cornbread for our dinner tonight. Our low tonight is suppose to be around 23F. The beans and cornbread will be just what the doctor ordered for such a cold night.

Burrr…Just came back in after disconnecting the water hose from the MH and draining it. Our fresh water tank is nearly half full which will carry us over till tomorrow when its suppose to warm back up. Also plugged in the lamp in the fresh water compartment to add a little warmth there to prevent freezing of the water pump. I’m not sure if I needed to go through these gyrations since we will be back in mid forties tomorrow but better safe than sorry.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

Our sun set today!


  1. Cold weather? Hey, it's late fall, almost winter! Guess we are all getting some heavy duty start for the season!

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