Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Day Of Not Much Going On

Our high today reached 53F which will be our warmest for the next four days. Those days will have highs in the mid 40s and lows in the mid 20’s. We had hoped they would have turned the water on here so we could fill our fresh water tank. No luck as tonight's low will be in the mid 20’s again. We do not normally travel with a full tank but this may be one of those months we probably should have filled up before leaving Houston. We will just have to wait and see what happens in the next several days.

Outside of watching three bowl games today we just hung out at the MH. I was able to get some more business records brought up to date where all I have to do now is turn all over to our CPA for this years tax reporting. Sandy did some reading and made a trip to Wally World for some groceries. Her BIL Mike got him a new Iphone 3GS for Christmas so she spent a lot of time today on the phone teaching him the in and outs of the phone. She shared her favorite Apps with him of which he down loaded many.

Oh, there was something I wanted to post in yesterdays blog. You may recall our backup monitor/radio/info center felled to deploy when we left for Houston last Saturday. Sandy and I spent hours trying to get this guy to deploy but were never successful. While driving to Canton yesterday it all of a sudden deployed on its on and has worked each time we have pressed the open/close button. I guess it had a loose connection and the road vibration fixed it or who knows. Any way we are happy campers once again as we felt partly blind when driving without the camera.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. All's well that ends well!

    Hey, guys, I asked before, and maybe I missed the answer. What mountain is that on your top picture? It's real purty!

  2. Jerry I wish I knew as it would be one place I would love to go. The photo was in my computer under Sample Pictures. I felt it fit ourblog title. Thanks for the comment though. Happy New year to you and Suzy.