Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 1941 A Day which will live in Infamy

image USSArizona_PearlHarbor_2  It was 68 years ago from today that this horrible attack on the USA occurred. I was five years old when this happened, of course being a five year old I did not understand everything that was going on. However, there are some events that are lodged way back there in my mind. I can remember my Dad, Mom and Grandparents huddled around a radio listening to all the events of that day and the days that followed. I can vaguely recall President Roosevelt’s famous “A Day Of Infamy” speech and declaring war on Japan. My Mom and grandmother wept. I remember the nights when sirens would go off and we had to turn the lights off and blackout all the windows in the home with blankets.I also recall the rationing of the tires and the gasoline shortages my Dad and Grandfather went through at the Texaco filling station they owned in Galena Park, TX. Our home was connected behind the station and I remember my Dad, Uncle Gee and Pop (my grandfather) setting around in the office talking about the war. We later made trips to Galveston to see the gun embankments that were built along the coast line. Later some of this area was turned into POW camps.

A lot of our World War II veterans are gradually passing on and arlingtonthere just isn’t that many that are left today. So, we have the responsibility to that generation to not let this part of our history slip away. We must always remember so that they shall not have died in vain.

Here are some posters of that time that a Army buddy of mine sent to me in an email attachment. You don't see anything like these in this day of time. I do have to admit though today we back our troops a lot better than we did the Vietnam vets.

always fight for liberty 

 weve just begun

 defenders of freedomremember dec 7th

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  1. Great post, Weldon. It's kind of sad to see these events fading away without much mention. For those who were there, or were alive to remember the day, I'm sure it is still as horrific and vivid as the day it happened. FDR got it right when he said "A day which will live in infamy" - what a great quote!!