Thursday, December 3, 2009

Burrrrrr Its Cold Here

Sandy was up early this morning as it was Thursday and she had to set out her purse inserts and open the booth. I just laid there and listen to the different sounds (hair dryer, makeup tap, etc) she goes through in getting herself ready. The longer I laid there the more guilt feeling came over me. I slowly stuck my head out from under the covers and boy was it cold. I believe our low this morning was 32 degrees. I started to roll out of bed and  Sandy says “what are you doing…..You don’t need to get up now. Now my first thought was yea she doesn’t need me, so I will lay back down and stay under the covers. A few minutes later out of her mouth comes “I guess I will get the inventory boxes and key keepers racks out of the bay and put them in the booth”. Okay that did it I could no longer lay there so up I arose and dressed .  Had everything out and set up by 8am.  I don’t know why so early as there was not a soul anywhere to be found that time of the morning…no vendors nor customers. Afterwards I helped Linda our neighbor two booths down set up her grids. She has a broken index finger and didn’t get in till around 8pm last night. Then it was back inside the MH to thaw out.image
Shhhhh. This photo was taken without Sandy knowing. It shows she has put the heater to good use. This weather is perfect for some of Sandy's homemade chili and boy was it good. I am two bowls full. Tomorrow is suppose to be our coldest day of the weekend . Tomorrow our high will only be 38F with a low of 25F. There is a 20% chance we could have snow. Now I think that might be some fun if it does snow. Lets see snow ball fights with your neighbors and customers, making snowmen and snow angels. Its been awhile since I last did these.

Al with Travel With The Bayfield Bunch  has an excellent post on the old ghost town of Courtland AZ. The photos are quit interesting especially those of the old tractors in the sunset. Sandy just closed the booth for today and said for the day being the kind of day it was we didn’t do bad.

Don, Carla, Denise and Jennifer our neighbors across the way provided our meal this evening. Boy was it good! Lets see boneless baked chicken stuffed with rice, cheese and broccoli,  salad, garlic bread, pecan and coconut homemade pies.

Scratch a cat and you will have a permanent job. 


Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. That's even colder than Benson, Arizona. Alhough when I put out the flag this morning, our temperature read 32 degrees, showing the low had been 30. That's cold enough, but it will be colder next month. We need one of Sandy's heaters!