Monday, December 21, 2009

Wrecker Tow Day To Cummins South Plains

Sandy and I were up at 6:15 am this morning. Today was our day to be towed to Cummins South Plains in Houston. We garbed a bowl of cherroies with blue berries for our breakfast. To our surprise our Road Service provider called exactly at 8 am advising that our wrecker would be here about 9:30. Oh good if we get there early enough maybe they will get us in a bay before 1pm. Well about 30 minutes later the wrecker company called and wanted some specifics about color, location etc. You know those kind of things one needs to know. Good thing he did as he was not made aware by our road service that we had an independent suspension and our front tires had to be cradled for towing. He said I do not have a wrecker that can do that. So…..back to square one. About 30 minutes later another wrecker service called and said they would have someone there in about an hour.

MH tow to Cummins 003 Somewhere a little after 10 am Darrel shows up with this big boy. Yep, I believe  he's big enough and he can cradle/lift from our front tires. About an hour and half later we were on our way. He had to remove my generator exhaust pipe before he could scoot the cradle/lift to the front wheels. He wasn’t a real happy camper about having to do this but he managed to it done. Also the air fitting he had on the wrecker air supply hose would not fit my connector. I told him that I had one and that made him smile. So…. check your parts box and make sure you have a male adapter that fits your air connection.

When we got up on Hwy 59 south Sandy and I felt he would take it MH tow to Cummins 006 easy maybe 55 mph. No… how about 60-70 mph. The MH rode behind like a champ and surprisingly things were not thrown around that bad inside the MH. Before arriving to Loop 610 they had one of those blinking/ flashing highway signs advising Loop 610 east was closed down due to and accident. Now what to do….. about 8 miles further south the wrecker exited off 59 and we took a back route to Cummins arriving around 12:45 pm. He proceeded to back the MH into a open space and started to disconnect the MH from the wrecker. I asked him if he was going to reinstall my exhaust pipe and drive shaft and he said normally Cummins would do that. I said yea for a fee they probably would. So, I went to the service desk to check in and the writer said they could do this and their labor rate was $103 per hour. When I got back to the MH I’ll be darn if that Sandy hadn’t talked him into doing this for us as he was under the MH installing the tail pipe and afterwards installed the driveshaft. To show our appreciation we bought him lunch. Yes, we are the last of the big spenders. When we got back from lunch Cummins had the MH in a bay. We really started feeling better about our chances of getting the problem solved so we could continue our visit with family. About 5 pm one of the service writers came in the customer waiting room advising they have not been able to diagnose the problem and we were welcome to spend the night in their compound. They lock the gate at 7 pm and there is no coming or going.

So, here Sandy and I set waiting on what adventures to expect tomorrow. I might add we have good 50 amp service but no sewer or water. However, our space is a lot better than that at the RV park we stayed at the last two nights.

MH tow to Cummins 001

Our RV space at RV park. Backed up to busy Highway 1485 with a sewer problem. Each timed I drained the gray and/or sewer we had a gusher. No concert pad all gravel and dirt.

MH tow to Cummins 008

Our space at Cummins South Plains. Backed up to Loop 610 with no sewer. All concrete. I would say all at no charge except we have no idea what this is going to end up costing. Also Loop 610 has a lot more traffic noise than 1485…. bummer.

Oh…. the life of an RV’er.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. I certainly hope things work out ok for you tomorrow and that the problem is not a major one. Hopefully, it's just a malfunctioning gauge or something relatively easy to fix. Good luck!