Monday, December 14, 2009

Reversal of Yesterday’s Journal Entry

What a difference in 24 hours. Woke up this morning around 7am and you could see it was going to be just a  perfect day. Sun was out and the high today was 68F with a slight breeze out of the north. For the most part of the day we were able to open our windows and use the fantastic vent fans. I was able to do some outside chores for a change. Sandy and I did a little reorganization of our 14ft cargo trailer that we now use for personal storage.

I’ve been wanting to put on some window vent visors on the Jeep. I purchased a set last week and since the day was warm Sandy and I put them on. This will allow us to crack the windows on those hot days and not have to worry about rain getting in. Also on rainy days you can crack the window as you travel down the highway. They also being black smoked look good over the windows.

My friend Mark with Rving with Poppa called and asked had I heard about using mineral oil in your batteries (go to this website for more info). He said the forum he read says if you will put 3-4 ozs in each cell it will prevent both evaporation and absorption of CO2. It is said it will increased the life of the batteries and significantly reduced the amount of corrosion on battery posts, cables and trays. They also report less evaporation resulting in less maintenance. I add water about every 30-45 days and the next time I have to add water I will top the cells off with mineral oil instead.

We changed the settings on our Norcold outdoor refrigerator/freezer over to freezer so we can free up some space in the inside refrigerator freezer compartment. This will also allow Sandy to do some bulk purchasing of meats and frozen veggies. This should also help Sandy’s processing of whether or not to get a Food Saver vacuum sealing system. Sometimes old Santa has to intervene in the processing.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Well I am glad the weather is nice for you. We did get some sunshine late in the afternoon and I got out and cleaned up some of the mud from our last move. We hope to be parked at our lot on Tawakoni over Christmas.

  2. Hey, guys -- I'd want to double check any home grown ideas about what to do with batteries before actually doing it. While it seems that adding aspirin to batteries might be a good idea, someone suggested dropping a PENNY into each cell for "longer life!" That one would more than likely be a battery killer than a life saver. I can see thaty mineral oil might reduce evaporation as it would float on the top of the acid solution, but .....