Sunday, December 6, 2009

Close of Another First Monday Canton Weekend

We didn’t get as cold last night as the clouds moved in and kept things warmer. The clouds however did bring rain for the most part of the day. The crows I believe may have been affected by the weather. While the temperature was higher today 45F it felt colder as we had a wind out of the southeast and the dampest from the rain made it feel much colder. Our crowd was no where near a typical Sunday crowd. The weather I’m sure had a lot to do with that.

We started tearing down our booth at the allocated time 3pm. Sandy worked on our booth while I helped the two ladies next to us tear their booths down and load their cargo trailers. Since it was raining we did not move the MH over to the RV spots by the creek. We  stayed behind our booth and watched football. I guess those Cowboys will stay true to their traditional winless in December streak. Sandy’s team the Vikings are struggling with the Arizona Cardinals. We will get up in the morning have breakfast and then make ready the MH for travel back to base.

The cream seems to be doing its job. I don’t have the flaky skin and the itching is no where near what it has been. Only draw back is it leaves a oily film and I have to be careful when I set or lean back.

We found a vendor on grounds, an Amish family that sells the best homemade pastries, cookies and fried pies we’ve ever tasted. My favorite is the apricot. The crust melted in your mouth and the filling was just great. They also make peach,apple,lemon, pecan, and cherry. The family are husband and wife with three kids helping in the making. They don’t sell on Sunday but when I went over Saturday afternoon to get two pies for our breakfast this morning they had just about sold out.

Until next time…. MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Those fried pies sound delicious. Never had them, but sure would like to try.

    We both use Triamcinolone Acetonide. Works like a charm on excema and other itchies!