Friday, December 4, 2009

Canton’s Friday was a little slow

Thanks to our cloud cover last night our temperature did not dip as low as forecasted. It was still cold however. Our crowd I believe reflected the weather sparse. Right now its 34F and our low expected in the morning is 24F. This is the first time our heat pump as gone into defrost. Tomorrow’s high is to be 49F with clear skies. 
It was our turn for tonight's meal. Sandy prepared her Taco Soup and boy was it good. Our desert was coconut pie. Being as cold as it was we did not linger in the Pavilion. After our meal we cleaned things up and everyone returned to their RVs.

servicw a wag I just saw on Fox News a short story of Cody the dog. He is the dog I posted a photo of a couple nights ago that greeted people at a concession store in Florida. It seems the Health Dept as made him take early retirement. Only service animals were allowed where you serve food. It seems to me Cody was doing a service job when he greeted customers at the drive up window, but they didn’t think so.

One of our neighbors across the way is a wannbe full-timer. He has been over to our booth for several months now picking Sandy’s and my brains about full-timing. They have their home up for sell and are looking for a motor home to buy. I gave them Howard’s and Linda’s website and told them to read the different articles they have about full-timing.  As they will do a much better job of answering those uncertain questions one has before taking the big leap.

how fast can you go on two wheels How fast can one go on two wheels

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. We can testify to cold weather. Here in Benson, AZ this morning
    (7:00) the tmp was 25F, and the low was 22 overnight. Come to Arizona for the nice warm weather!