Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some Quality Time With Mom

We were up this morning before 7 am. We had breakfast and Sandy did some laundry. We left for Moms around 9 am. I went through some more of her personal finances and set up some more bill paying for her on my computer. Just before lunch time there was a knock on her door and my cousin Joan and her husband Ronald from Camp Wood TX near Uvalde walked in the door. What a surprise for Mom and us of course.They are down visiting their kids and family and dropped in to see Mom. Joan is one of the girls I’ve mentioned before that really looks after my Mom. They too are in their Motor Home and are parked at an RV park east of Houston. We visited and got caught up on what's being happing on their 2500 acre ranch since we last visited them. Their ranch use to be a game ranch but now they have cut back on that and are just enjoying the good life. Since it was so close to lunch Mom invited them and us to have lunch with her. Our lunch was great and we were stuffed.

roadcar After lunch they left and we took Mom’s 1995 Buick Roadmaster to the auto shop for them to replace her serpentine belt. The owner of the shop immediately asked if the cars actual mileage (37000+) was correct. We assured him it was and it was rarely driven anymore. He handed us his business card and asked if we ever sell the car let him make the first offer.  By BIL Frank said this car was a classic and if we would have it detailed he felt we could get maybe $18,000 or better. Of course Mom isn’t ready to sell it just yet.

We left for the MH around 4pm as we are under a thunder storm/tornado alert till 9 pm tonight and wanted to get back before it settled in. Right now we have wind and heavy rain. I guess this is the same system that took down Al’s satellite dish the other night.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Nice blog, Weldon! Merry Christmas to you and Sandy!! Sure hope your MH doesn't give you any more of those "unknown" problems!

  2. And best from Our Life on Wheels! Pretty soon, why don't you hop onto I-10 headed west? We'll meet you at exit 304 in Arizona!