Monday, December 28, 2009

Bitter Cold and A Chance of Snow Tomorrow

Slept in till nearly 7:30 am this morning. Sandy was already up and on her second cup of coffee. She said “you need to hurry and get dressed as our neighbors wants us to go have breakfast with them”. After breakfast we returned and finished setting up our booth. The high today reached 43F and we are supposed to drop back to the mid 20’s tonight. They finally got around to turning on the water for a brief period to allow us to fill our fresh water holding tank.

Our neighbors from Lufkin showed up and we helped them unload and set up their booth. Did some on line banking and watched a little TV the rest of the afternoon. Presently watching/listening to a good    Independence Bowl game between Georgia and Texas A&M. So, far through the first half the Aggies have outplayed the Bulldogs.  Sandy’s sister Pam and her husband Mike are at the game in Shreveport and I bet freezing to death. Yea, I know stats doesn't always till everything. 8468

           44      -       20


The weatherman is predicting a 70% chance of freezing precept and snow tomorrow evening. Then we should see a little warm up the rest of the week.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Someone forgot to the the Aggies why they were at the game, but we love them anyway!