Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poor Planning On My Part - When Can You Trust The Weatherman

Prior to leaving for Canton First Monday this past Friday November 27th, Sandy and I both checked the long range weather forecast for Canton. We were satisfied that there would be one day Thursday that would be cold and near freezing. So, the decision was made not to take the propane heater this trip. What a poor decision this was on my part. The propane heater would not have been that big of a deal to take along even if we didn’t use it.
In Texas the weather can change in a heart beat which it did with the cold front that blew through here Monday afternoon. The old weatherman has really changed our forecast for this weekend. We are expected to have Highs in the mid 40’s and low’s in the high 20’s.
So, an executive decision was made that we would get up this morning and drive back to base in Lone Star and get the heater. I needed to check the Post Office anyway for the cream VA was to have mailed for the rash. In the past when we have done dumb things like this, Sandy would call her brother James and he would meet us half way. I said no not this time. James has been kind enough to bail our butts out in the past and we were not going to bother him. The drive one way is a little over an hour and one half (102 miles). So, up this morning at our usual time and off we went arriving in Lone Star a little before 9am. On our return to Canton we dropped by the PO and nope on cream. We left for Canton arriving just before noon. As you can see we brought our isolating fan because of the first forecast. Sooo, now we have both and are prepared for anything….lets hope.image

Now one might ask why didn’t he just go buy a new propane bottle and Mr Heater head at the local hardware or Wally World. The thought crossed my mind but I didn’t want to drop about $125 on one since I already had one. Also the cream just might have been at the PO. The fuel for the Jeep ran about $35. We also enjoyed the drive and the companionship again. Even though I have to admit I took a long cat nap on the return trip. Here are some photos taken on I-20 which being Interstate has some beautiful scenery with the rolling hills, trees and pasture land. (Click on photos to enlarge)

image image imageMy favorite is Elise the Cow

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I'm with you, Weldon, I'd have taken the drive back too! No sense giving more money to Walmart for something you already have. And besides, what else was there to do anyway? Enjoyed the pics!

  2. Well old friend I bet you don't leave it at home from now on. I remember those days when it was cold and all I had was that propane heater at my side. I would move it from one side to the other so I could warm up both sides of me LOL

  3. Life's little side ventures! We know the story about that. You never need a camera unless you didn't bring it, and you never need the heater unless you didn't bring it!