Saturday, December 19, 2009

One _ _ _ _ of a Day!!!!!!!!!!!

What's that saying….” when life bombards you with lemons make lemonade”. Today our lemonade would be bitter. What a day of misfortunes.

Our morning started off great then when we cranked the engine and at that moment is when it all started. Our backup monitor did not open up. Checked fuses , connections and all I could think of it would not open up to show the backup monitor. It’ll play the radio or IPod Touch but no camera.We decided to go on and I would continue to play with it. We were meeting Sandy’s sister and her husband Mike at Whataburger in Longview for breakfast. No problem there they were a little late but still no problem.

Our trip was uneventful until we reached Flying J near New Caney. We had been seeing diesel prices for most the trip around $2.56 a gallon. Well guess what Flying J was $2.66 per gallon and their propane $2.99 a gallon. I guess since they merged with Pilot they have raised their prices to the Pilot level. Flying J was about ten miles from the RV park and about 1/2 mile from their entrance our Alarm went off and flashed “Low Oil Pressure-Stop”. I looked up at the oil pressure gauge and it registered 20 lbs. Sandy pulled off on the shoulder and the warning light went off but 20 lbs oil pressure still registered on the gauge. We decided the shoulder of the road was no place to set. I asked her to shut the engine off to see if all that electronic sensor stuff and the computer just might reset and all would be well. Didn’t work so we  proceeded slowly to the RV Park which we arrived without incident.

Now let me tell you upon entering the park Sandy and my jaws just dropped to the floor. This RV park is advertised as a Passport America and Coast to Coast park. Let me tell you there is no way these people should have that kind of rating. Half of the park is mobile homes and the other half Rv’s all on gravel. Sandy and I both looked at each other and said do we want to stay here? We obviously came to a conclusion with the circumstances we were faced with we are very Thankfull to be here.

We were assigned to one of the remaining three back in spots. Unfortunately our site backs right up to a busy highway. Finally got in our spot as the space between our site and the RV’s across from us did not allow good turning and backing clearance. Hooked up the electric (50amp), water,  and sewer. Pulled the gray water valve and guess what a gusher of raw sewer water just poured out on the ground. Quickly shut off the valve and called the camp host. He showed up right away and discovered that an RV’er down stream did not use an adapter or collar on his sewer hose and it fell further down into the sewer line blocking it.

Finally, was able to set down and get our senses gathered. Since we could not move the MH until we addressed the low oil pressure problem we called our emergency road service provider. They asked all the usual questions and decided that they would send a wrecker Monday  morning and haul us to a Cummins dealer. In the mean time we are going to try and get our family visitation in tomorrow as we do not know how long its going to take Cummins to fix the problem.

Stayed tuned for further adventures of our travels. Lets hope our  lemonade will be a little sweeter.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Ouch! Lets all hope this will be a simple and quick fix and you will be back on the road real soon.

  2. Just remember...tis the season to be jolly.
    Hugs to you both

  3. Wow, guys. When you do a thing you do it up right! The road service's first question is always "Are you in a safe place?" You are, and thank God for that.

    Merry Christmas with a capital C, and that doesn't stand for Cash flow!