Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wet Dreary Day For Shopping

Sandy was up at her usual time 6:15am. I being a little lazy today didn’t roll out until 7:30am. Of course it was raining outside so why be in a hurry. We left for Longview around 8:30am and had breakfast at Whataburger. I was on a mission to see if I could find a better solution to my house battery cable problem that I wrote about in my November 28th journal. The guy at Interstate Batteries put me on to a couple places where I might find the 3/0 stranded cable and connectors. They both turned out to be nothing more than a wild goose chase. I will call our dealer next week to see if he has any suggestions.

After the two electrical wholesalers we drove to Best Buy and picked up the HP B209a-m Wireless Printer/Scanner and Copier that I mentioned in yesterdays blog. The setup was a snap and the printing quality is much better than our previous printer.  I’m having some difficulty setting up Sandy’s HP laptop on the same printer. It probably has to do with the XP operating system that's on the HP. Will have to do some more research and try again maybe tomorrow.

We went to several other stores for some Christmas shopping including Sams  Club where we grazed on all the different food samples in the grocery area. While at Sams I found they had the identical printer we picked up at Best buy for $89.99. So, back to Best buy to get that additional $10.00 off the price. So, with the $50 gift card, the $10 better price at Sams that Best Buy matched I picked the printer up for $39.99.

With it raining on us all day we decided to call it quits and returned to Lone Star. Settled in an watched the Army-Navy game and for the eighth year in a row Navy won. The Heisman winner Ingram did not surprise me. The second place winner Gerhart did. I had Colt    McCoy a second place winner. Oh, well Alabama now has its first Heisman Trophy winner. Lets see if it will be a jinks for the young man and his team Alabama. Most of the time the Heisman winner does not fair well in subsequent games.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

Oh that painting mitt I mentioned in yesterdays journal  turns out  to be similar to a wash mitt. A friend of my BIL says he hired some Mexican labors to paint his fence and that is what they used.

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  1. Your printer deal sounds good. I hope you have many years of good printing and copying and scanning!