Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wintery Start of the Week

We pulled out of Canton at 7:30 am Monday morning. Traveled 14 miles east on I-20 to the Loves Truck Stop to dump and top off. Upon arrival every truck island was full with two to three trucks lined up behind the first. Their fuel price was $2.71 credit card or $2.66 cash so I didn’t understand why the crowd. We had to drive through the place a second time in order to get next to the dump station. The first time through we had two trucks parked at the dump station waiting to move up to the fuel stations. After dumping we decided to just go on down the highway to see what prices would be at several other truck stops we knew about before exiting off the freeway. The Pilot which was about 20 miles further east and their fuel prices were $0.05 higher. The next was the Valero at our exit for Hwy 155 and their fuel price was $2.63 and not a truck one in their islands. Go figure.

After topping off the MH we had driven 338 miles on 38 gallons of fuel which gave us an average of 8.78 miles per gallon. We’ll take this any time. Normally I would not top off but with winter setting in I wanted the fuel tank to be as full as possible to avoid the condensation problem.

After arriving at Lone Star we got the MH setup and left for the usual errands, Wally World, bank, and had the oil changed in the Jeep. Since we didn’t get back until late we had pizza for dinner and settled in for Monday night football.

Drizzle set in late last night and remained that way through this morning. We were mostly cloudy with lots of fog for pretty much of the day. Our hard winter is suppose to return Wednesday evening where we are expected to be in the mid forties and mid twenties. Our wind gust will be out of the northwest 15-20 MPH.

Until Next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Who can predict anyone else's behavior with fuel stations? We have a Shell station earby (just off the Interstate) that will charge 30 cents more than anyone else around, and they still get business, even tho there's a big Gas City across the street with lots of pumps available. Adn no major gas is that much better than anyone else's gas.

  2. Hey!!! I think I will start watching NASCAR...Not a bad looking driver. We are in Hillsboro today and will be heading back to Lake Tawakoni Thursday night. It is cold here this morning.