Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Visit With Mom

Sandy and I were up early this morning as we had a 8am date to eat breakfast with my Mom at the Rosemont Assisted Living facility.  Our breakfast was just great. They set us up in their guest dining room. We had eggs, beacon, sausage, toast and orange juice. While there I established some more of her finances to do electronically on my computer. My sisters husband Frank came over about 10 am to help me replace Mom’s battery in her 1995 Buick Roadmaster. With my sister not being able to drive since her major surgery about three months ago the battery just died. While the hood was up I happened to noticed that the Serpentine belt on her car was in major need of replacement. So, while here I will try to address that problem after we first learn what our problem is with the MH.

We started putting things up this evening so we don’t have a lot to do tomorrow when the wrecker comes to take us to a Cummins repair facility. Lets hope that is what going to come down tomorrow. Oh, we also had to meet my brother half way from his job to Rosemont to take him his house keys that fell out of his pocket while visiting this morning.

Sandy was able to get in her HEB grocery store fix this evening. Now this lady just loves wandering the aisles of an HEB Store. There meats and particularly fresh fruits and veggies are the best I’ve seen. Pricing is also reasonable. They carry a Smart Balance Movie style popcorn that is the best I’ve tasted. We haven’t found this brand in other stores. We stocked up on several boxes. They were also handing out food samples of their different lines and I was like an old grazing bull. Lets see pineapple, orange slice, cheese balls, wine, shrimp wrap, crackers, jelly and cheese. etc. You name it what ever they handed out I tried it.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. We love the HEB stores too. We will have to have a fix sometime. Where will you be the week after Christmas??

  2. Right now not sure we are in Houston waiting on the road service people to call and update us on wrecker to pick us up and tow to a Cummins dealer.
    our plans if all goes well will be in Canton by Saturday 26th

  3. If it weren't for one problem or another, gosh, we'd be bored, wouldn't we! You are taking all the right steps, so things will work out!