Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Time For Good Deeds

We were up early as we had to make that weekly trip into Longview for supplies. Our low this morning was 21F, so it took us a while to get the kinks out and get  dressed. As we were walking out to the Jeep, James drove by and invited us to breakfast at Arnold’s where we had there 2 egg, 2 meat and 2 toast special for $3.00 each. After breakfast James dropped us off at the MH and we loaded up and headed into Longview that weekly one way 38 mile trip.

Our first stop was Home Depot where I needed to pickup a WP phone jack for outside. The one we have has deteriorated where there is a lot of noise on the line. While their I checked the price of the 150psi Porter Cable pancake air compressor and it was $159. Still not the price I’m  wanting to pay. Then off to Lowes to check air compressor prices and AT&T to see what the earliest date I could renew my contract and get a new cell phone. The phone I have now is one of those Go Phones and has no features whatsoever and keys so small that only a child can use. Can’t update until February 10, 2010 and the price on the compressor was $164.

hp printer Then we dropped off a lamp that we picked up at Canton last weekend for Sandy’s sister Pam. Visited for about thirty minutes and then went to Best Buy. I wanted to look at and  measure a HP Photosmart/Premium Wireless Printer/Copier
/Scanner that I had found online.  Office Depot had it on sale for $139, normally $199. Best Buy would match but in measuring the printer it would not fit depth wise on the slide out tray under our computer/dinning table.  The depth was 23-3/4” and my tray would only accommodate a 20” depth. What the problem was the paper tray drawer behind the printer protruded not only from the front but also about 4” at the bottom back. So, I will look for another model.

After lunch at Jack-In-The-Box we went to Walmart for grocery shopping for Sandy’s mom and us. I had one of them sinus headaches and decided to nap it off in the Jeep. Sandy was in there for about 45 minutes. As we were backing out we noticed a little old lady in front of us pushing a huge basket of groceries. She probably was in her early eighties and had that look about her “where did I park my car”. I asked Sandy if I should go ask her if we could be of help. She said no you might startle her and I’ll go instead. Sandy rolled down the window and asked if she needed help. The little lady just about in tears replied “Yes, I don’t remember where I parked my car”. Sandy got out and asked the usual questions make, color, what aisle etc. They started back toward the store front as she recalled it was somewhere near the front. They finally found her car and Sandy helped her unload her groceries. Her and Sandy exchanged names. She was so thankful and hugged her for her help. She told  Sandy “the good Lord has just put a star in your crown”. She drove by us on her way out and waved. Have you ever wondered how many of our senor citizens find themselves in this same boat. I told Sandy someday you and I both will be in this same predicament (may be sooner than later) and lets hope there will be someone there for us.

senior citzen wealthUntil next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. You guys are good guys. Gotta ask, what mountain do you show in your heading picture? It is splendid!

  2. Jerry I wish we could say our header photo is a place we have been. Sorry, to say this photo was one of those in my sample pictures on my laptop I purchased sometime ago. We just felt it fit our blog name.Thanks for your com,m,ents.