Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Day of Shopping and VA Doctor Visit

We were up early today as Sandy had made a date with her sister Pam, to do a little Christmas shopping in Longview. I also had an appointment with my VA doctor, soooo I had to tag along. We hadn’t been up long and the phone ranged. Yes, it was BIL James wanting us to join him at Arnold’s for breakfast. After our meal we drove into Longview where we picked up Pam and drove to the Longview Mall.

Surprisingly the mall was not that crowded. We then drove to several other strip centers where there was a Pier One, cooking/kitchen store and Hobby Lobby. Next was Chick-fil-A where we each had an excellent salad. After lunch we dropped Pam off at her home and drove to VA. They took me right on time. My doctor advised my blood sugar AC1 had rose 1.5  points from my last visit 90 days ago. I also gained some weight that probably explains the high blood sugar. We are still waiting the results of the blood panel VA did on my possible Lupus problem. They said this usually takes about three weeks and we should call VA Shreveport later this week.

After VA we did the Wally World thing and got back home about 5pm. Just in time for Sandy to go to her mothers to get her ready for all you can eat catfish dinner that James takes her to every Tuesday of the week. Let me tell you this lady can eat the catfish. Her secret is eat the fish only and avoid the fries and hushpuppies. While at Wally World I met three Marines dressed in their kaki and blue uniforms. I made a point to thank each of them for their service to our country. They are so young looking and looked real sharp in their dress blues.

So, now you know what kind of exciting things I did today. In reading Al’s most recent journal with the Bayfield Bunch he did an excellent job on the awe of the American southwest. The photos were just outstanding. Rick at Rick and Paulette RV Journal did a good job of publishing a Gizmos & Gadgets Checklist. They are getting ready to travel from Canada to the American southwest in about two weeks.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I read all them too. I enjoy all the journals I read. It makes me feel like I have gone somewhere.

  2. Yes I know reading fellow bloggers journal's puts you right there. I enjoy the photos and entries about all the places that I likley may not get around going to. So, through following their entries I have been there at least in my mind.