Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Six Hours + $305 = Nothing Found Wrong

Sandy and I were up early today as they were to take the MH back to the bay for more trouble shooting. Sure enough about 7:30 a young man showed up and asked if we were ready for him to pull it into the service bay. We left and drove down the road to a nearby Whataburger for breakfast and hurried back to Cummins as we wanted to catch the shop manager. We wanted a progress report and where they were with solving our low oil pressure problem. He said he hope to have an answer for us by noon today. This facility is a Cummins Coach Care facility and they had about ten motor homes including ours either in bays or out in the compound. Only one other couple from Canada was in the waiting room. They had a Tiffin Allegro Bus that the wheel bearing seal went out and threw oil all over his wheel well and brakes. They weren’t there long and was on their way again to the Valley. Sandy and I settled in for the wait and the wait and the wait.

While there for the past two days, we met James Porter who has been a truck driver for the past twenty five years. Very neat and knowledgeable guy. We were telling him our problems and he said that based on what we told him had we allowed the engine to stay shut down longer than we did the computer would probably had reset and our problem might have gone away. Shortly after noon Don the shop manager came in and said they have done all they could with the computer, checking the electronic oil pressure gauge and the mechanical gauge and could not find a problem. The only other step would be to tear the engine down (which he didn’t recommend based on what he knew) and look at the oil pump and some other related parts. He also advised because of the holidays they would probably need two weeks to do this. James asked if he could ask some questions in our behalf and naturally I said go for it. One of his  questions to the shop foreman was in regards to the electronic and manual gauges calibrations. Joe assured us they were in their proper working order and the range on the two were within 2 PSI of each other. James did a thumbs up and felt we would be alright. Of course there is no guarantee on anything but we felt we had some good advise and chose not to go into a engine tear down.

Before leaving Cummins we asked if we could leave the MH there while we did some errands. We had to go to the realtor office who's handling Mom’s home to sign a contract offer. This is great maybe we can get this behind us soon. After returning we connected the Jeep and drove back to our RV space in New Caney without incident. Tomorrow maybe we can get some quality visiting time with Mom. We also need to do some earns for her before heading out .

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Hope that's the end of your oil pressure guage problem now. Not a nice feeling when those kinds of things happen. All that diesel stuff sure sounds mighty complicated to me.

  2. It's sure frustrating to spend all that time and money only to find "nothing wrong, nothing to fix, go your way!"